Saturday, October 13, 2012

Sister Summer Season Finale

  This is it.  August has come and gone, as we knew it would.  We whiled away the hours doing anything we wanted to until now.  Fall is here and we returned to our real lives.  School, work, routine.  Each of us in our own homes. Hours and miles apart.

But we will not leave empty handed.  This summer has been filled with sisterly adventures that have changed us.
For me, this summer has been a great inspiration, as my sister has always been to me.

Things I learned this summer:

1.  Noticing every dog around you will instantly brighten your day.
2.  You can be a model, just by saying you are.

3.  Don't hold all your sass in your mouth.

4.  Discover your brand.  Then stay true to it.  Whether you are an exotic and edgy hipster or a sassy girl next door, work your own style.  

5.  I don't have to justify my bad taste.  Let's be real:  I only want to listen to Pop music and Motown.  I only want to watch Buffy and DS9.

6.  Life is better when you laugh at all the cabinet doors being open and then close them yourself.

7.  Come to terms with who you are.  There is nothing inherently wrong with the way you are.  If you can't reconcile something, that's when you take action to change it.

8.  Walk like a dinosaur when no one is looking... or all the time.  Whichever.

9.  Wear what makes you feel good every day.

10.  Everyone is just a 6-year-old inside a grown-up body.

11.  Boys are puppies.

12. Gel dinosaurs melt into snot in triple digit heat, but come off with some Scrubbing Bubbles, vinegar, and elbow grease. 

13.  The best part of Olympic Gymnastics is the scrunchies.

14.  Sometimes you measure twice, cut once.  Other times you just have go for it.

15.  Replace your chairs with an exercise ball.  You'll thank me later.

16.  Good teachers are the ones that love the bad kids.

17.  Dog blogs are the only ones worth reading.  Besides model blogs, of course.

18.  Jumping rope when you are over the age of 10 and not a boxer will get you funny looks.  All the more reason to do it!

19.  Assume everyone wants to be your friend.  It beats the alternative.

20.  My sister is my best friend.

You can count on us to
Walk like Sisters.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Once Upon a Time...

This was the summer of many things, including Blogs.  Margaux became involved in a blog called Campfire Chic.  This blog proposed a film camera swap and we immediately signed up!  Our partner swapper is from a blog called and she requested silly faces.  Many friends and family contributed to our montage of expressive features.  You can check out the photos we sent her here.

From her photos, we embellished and wrote a story.

Once upon a time, we decided to take a roadtrip. (No Mokie this time!)
No map, no google search, just us, the open road, and a GPS.

Driving can make one parched, so we stopped for a drinky-drink.  Quite the McDonalds, eh?

We had to stop for the night in the middle of nowhere.  We were coerced by the motel manager to hit up the little bar that is attached to the convenience store, post office, gas station combo.  Needless to say, it was a classy place.
You know you are living the high life when Einstein photobombs your vaca pix.

In the morning, we checked out the little town.  In my experience, I have found small towns to have the best quaint ice cream joints. These models cannot pass up ice cream!
Ice cream is the breakfast of champions.

When we finally got to our destination, we checked out the sights:

Public pool where Ryan Lochte is said to have peed as a little kid.

Total color coordination is a skill of the 90's.

Schuylkill River fun fact:  Thomas Pain tried to raise funds for a bridge over the river before the French Revolution.

Sight-seeing makes one's tummy rumbling...

And you know how much we love ice cream.

Don't worry, for dinner we did some true summer grilling.

Met a gypsy at a dive-bar downtown.  We once we got past the whole "curse a vampire with a soul" bit, we got along great! We weren't too sure about the holes in the walls....

Time for our return trip!
So many tolls...

Gas station wonders.

Antique shops galore

Convenience store hotties

Pit stop for some fresh produce.

Gas prices... eek!

Fender bender!  But we are models.  So of course it wasn't our fault.

Got home to find a new friend on our patio!
Much needed trip to Target!

Party in Target!!


We hope you enjoyed our fictitious story!

You can count on us to
Write Like Models

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

23 Reasons to Party

Our favorite artist turned 23! To celebrate Carl's birthday, the models planed a surprise party! With Kathleen on distract-Carl duty, Margaux took over decorations and party planning.

Margaux made birthday crowns for every invitee making everyone looked party perfect.

Not featured: Katie's yellow crown

A pot luck dinner started the night, with roasted veggies, fry bread, veggie straws and bratwurst!

Crown swapping! Carl's crown was a little bit too big for a delicate model's cranium.

No birthday would be complete without ice cream!

Carl's wish?  We may never know...

After dinner we headed out to Friday Night Artwalk.  We visited the Park Central Library where Ashley had her art on exhibition.  Unfortunately, we didn't realize Katie had her work showing at the Downtown Clothing Exchange.  We'll have to be sure to pop in soon.  We concluded the night with an exciting game of Taboo.

Day two: It's my birthday and I can do what I want!

Concluded August 4th by seeing Men in Black III in the theater (GREAT btw) and having Pizza House pizza with friends!

You can count on us to
Party like Models.