Wednesday, August 8, 2012

23 Reasons to Party

Our favorite artist turned 23! To celebrate Carl's birthday, the models planed a surprise party! With Kathleen on distract-Carl duty, Margaux took over decorations and party planning.

Margaux made birthday crowns for every invitee making everyone looked party perfect.

Not featured: Katie's yellow crown

A pot luck dinner started the night, with roasted veggies, fry bread, veggie straws and bratwurst!

Crown swapping! Carl's crown was a little bit too big for a delicate model's cranium.

No birthday would be complete without ice cream!

Carl's wish?  We may never know...

After dinner we headed out to Friday Night Artwalk.  We visited the Park Central Library where Ashley had her art on exhibition.  Unfortunately, we didn't realize Katie had her work showing at the Downtown Clothing Exchange.  We'll have to be sure to pop in soon.  We concluded the night with an exciting game of Taboo.

Day two: It's my birthday and I can do what I want!

Concluded August 4th by seeing Men in Black III in the theater (GREAT btw) and having Pizza House pizza with friends!

You can count on us to
Party like Models.

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