Tuesday, August 7, 2012

See you at the Fair!

The models are reunited, just in time for a Southwest Springfield Tradition!

Summer in Southwest Missouri means the Ozark Empire Fair. The Ozark Empire Fair is known for, according to the website, "great food and fun,  all new creative arts center, live demonstrations from famous surprise chefs and some amazing acts sure to get your blood pumping!"

 It certainly did. These models had been looking forward to funnel cakes, corn dogs, and farm animals all summer. Luckily, it cooled down for a few hours to make the Empire fair enjoyable.


Margaux contemplating trading her life of glamor for a simple farm existence.

the smallest and cutest piglets
I swear this goat is smiling.

What fair would be complete without a ride on the Berry-Go-Round?

The models had such a blast, we almost lost composure. But we are models.

So we regained our grace and snuck in a few model shots.

Local Springfield favorites made cameos at the fair, like pineapple whip! But we had our eyes on another dessert....

So many options!  But we decided not to mess with the original.

Surprise encounter with our friend Sheristen!

Turns out she was a performer!

You can always count on us to
Fair like Models.

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