Thursday, July 12, 2012

Bits and Pieces

The models have been busy, as always. After an explosive Independence Day, we jetsetted off to Kansas City to spend quality time with Carl's Family.

 Babies are natural models.

The time in Kansas City was filled with nieces and nephews, a hot day at Powell Garden, a bonfire and cook-out and face painting! All in 24 hours!  Exhausting, but awesome.

Face painting is the way to every child's heart.

Aranea's first summer.  Margaux's 20th.
Everyone is tan compared to a baby

The annual burning of the Christmas Tree.

 Met some good friends for a game of bowling!

We admired each other's technique...

Mr. Fancy Form won, of course.
But we are models. 
So although our scores did not accurately reflect our natural bowling ability, 
we still looked great doing it.

All summer, Kathleen has been telling Margaux about a Springfield Summer Classic:  The Pineapple Whip.  Margaux asked around to find out exactly what constituted the "whip" in Pineapple Whip.  However, this tasty frozen treat is pretty much indescribable.  It comes out like custard, but it has no dairy.  It is smooth and dense, but very light and melts on your tongue like cotton candy.  It's one of those things you just have to experience for yourself.

first bite!

not so sure

You can always count on us to
Walk Like Models.

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