Wednesday, July 4, 2012

United States of A-model-ca

Happy Independence Day!

We have spent the week leading up to this patriotic day in St. Louis catching up with family and friends... and of course, modeling.

The heat was killer during our shoots, with sun and sweat in our eyes.  The pool even felt as warm as a bath tub!  

In the middle of our shoot, we thought it was going to rain.  It thundered, it lightninged, the wind picked up and the sky darkened.  Turned out to be a tease.  No rain and the fireworks are canceled due to the drought conditions.  

But we are models.  
So while there won't be bombs bursting in air, we'll make our own sparks fly.

Without fireworks, we'll have to make our own fun by way of homemade pop-tails, swimming in the sapphire pool, and watching an intensely amusing Bollywood with friends.

Being American means being a Model.  Even if you have four legs and a fur coat.

On this July 4th, you can expect us to
Shine Like Models

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