Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Wednesday was the last day of just sisters in Springfield. On Thursday Kathleen will be off on a cross-country road trip to pick up Carl in Philadelphia, so we celebrated the imminent return of Mr. G with a Carl-themed shoot.

We raided Carl's closet and headed outside, ready to do our best tribute to the resident artist.

According to Cosmo, the men's-shirt-skirt is a perfectly acceptable choice to wear to the office.

I'm pretty sure it looks like a men's shirt tied around your waist.
But maybe I didn't do it quite right.

 As our last photo shoot as just sisters, it was bitter-sweet.

But we are models.

So we held it together for the shoot.

The next week the models will be posting and posing separately-- but you can always count on us to

Model Like Carl

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