Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Camping in Miniskirts

That's right folks!  You have never seen models this rugged.  After surprising our dad on Thursday for an early Father's Day, we trekked to Steelville, Missouri to camp with our model friends.

Nothing like picking out firewood in a mini!

Friday night saw us chowing down on some tasty s'mores once we pitched our tents.  After some catching up, we decided to hit the sack so we'd be plenty rested for our float trip in the morning.

Early morning noisy crows make for more than slightly cranky models.

Lucky for us, we had some male models to do the manual labor.

Once once on the river we immediately started to have a blast.
It's hard not when surrounded by good company!

Natural Models
There is nothing like taking photos in old-school style:  buy a waterproof throw-away camera at the gift-shop and hope your photos come out alright!

Even on the river, we've got what it takes.


Every time the raft bottoms out in shallow waters is an opportunity to strike a model pose.

Model love.

Water shot.

The best things about rivers is the perfect impromptu backdrops.

Somebody...it may or may not have been an extremely talented  model... kept winding the film of the camera so the raft took its own unique pictures.  Whoops!

Posing on a moving raft takes poise, balance, and guts.

Our float ended up lasting around 8 hours... more than enough even for these seasoned models!  Needless to say, our sensitive model skin is paying for the fun in the sun even though we applied sunscreen liberally all day.  
But we are models.  So at least we're tan.

Welcome to Model Island.

When we got back to camp, we enjoyed a delish cook-out before we retired early for the night.

It was a good thing, too!  It wasn't 5 minutes after Kathleen entered her tent for the night that the heavens opened and dumped buckets of water on the models' tents.  Huddled together, we watched the lightning flash, listened to the howling of the wind and the pounding of the rain, hoping against hope that we had the Little Tent That Could.  Hours of rain drenched the world around us, but the tents held up and we stayed dry all night.

The next morning, on the way out of town, we decided Steeleville was too quaint a place to pass by without a proper modeling shoot.

Each business was accompanied by a hand-painted half-canoe.  Perfect for posing.

Kayaking, canoing, rafting...

You can always count on us to
Camp Like Models.

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