Sunday, June 24, 2012

A Model Life

The models have been busy lately! We've been relaxing and enjoying our summer.  
Here's a montage of our celebrity life.

We started our thrifting morning with a healthy breakfast of Donuts, coffee and chocolate milk.

We've been busy updating our wardrobes! First, brainstorming little potential makeovers at the fabric store, followed by some serious thrifting and finding some excellent new attire.

We took a break from our new fashion line to head to Aurora, Missouri to watch Brave and the Avengers at a drive in movie theater!  We brought s'mores and friends!

Brave and the smores were a little iffy

The chocolate was melty so we had to sqeeze it out onto our graham crackers...

The models adventured out into thrift stores, looking for gems to DIY.  Margaux bought a Star Trek jumpsuit along with a few dresses. We've been hard at work modifying these dresses. Here's a sneak peek of Kathleen's skirt refashion. The rest will be modeled this week.

Altering old-lady clothing to be young, fresh, and hip can be quite a challenge.  We took out our frustration by eating homemade rocket-pops and going for evening walks.  
But we are models.  
So we persisted until several trendy new pieces were added to our model wardrobes.

You can always count on us to
Sew Like Models

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