Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Not Kayak Day

Tuesday was Kayak Day. After a morning of activities, including teaching summer school, homework and fixing a long awaited swimsuit, these mod bods headed out to Lake Springfield. Although we were delayed out the door, we finally arrived at the lake, ready to model before the float!

But life is a grab-bag, so we ran into a few problems. First, our camera had an earthquake inside. However, in true model fashion, we improvised and used the iPhone camera.

By the  time we decided it was time to kayak, it was 4:30. The last boat is rented at four, so we were a little too late! That's what we get for procrastinating.

But we are models.  
So while we didn't get to kayak, we still got some fab shots.

The plan is to head back tomorrow.  Expect actual kayaking.

And even if we don't, you can always count on us to 

Walk Like Models.

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