Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Kayak Day!

Although yesterday was a disappointing Not-Kayak day, today we made it our mission to get out on the lake and paddle our model arms off!

Seeing how neither of us have ever kayaked, Margaux spent the morning researching the how-to.  You can find out more here.  After grasping the basics on how to get in by "gently setting your buns in," and "how not to get wet," aka tip over, we took off for the lake.

 We flounced into the park office which we found empty.  We checked the time (1:50 pm) to make sure we weren't going to miss it again.  Then we noticed the sign.  Needless to say, we felt tricked.

When the park officer arrived, all we could think was "KAYAKKAYAKKAYAK!"  But he had other things on his mind.  His first question, as he stood leaning on his desk with his arms crossed, ready to turn us away:  "How old are you?"  We would have liked to have retorted, "Old enough."  But we are models,  so we just gave him our ages and moved on.

The park officer extensively explained the route we would take-- and drew us a map of the river.  He looked at us in our chic suits and said blandly "No swimming."  Despite our lack of swimming intentions, he proceeded to strongly suggest we had no respect for his rules.

Would models swim in this?

We're just in our suits so we can get tan! Models have to be tan.

He practically chased us down to give us the map so we wouldn't get lost.  He must not know us.  Models have impeccable sense of direction.  Despite his obvious misconceptions about how much we knew about floating, he gave us surprisingly few tips on how to stay alive on the water.  Good thing we grew up floating in a watermelon canoe on the Huzzah river.
The kayaks were huge and unweildly. Since they were a bit over-sized for us delicate models, we smashed our fingers a few times on the edge and the paddle kept hitting the sides of the boat. While Margaux likes kayak paddles more than canoe paddles, she really hated getting dripped on with every stroke. Kathleen's "buns" soaked up all the moisture that accumulated in her kayak.

Despite getting wet, we had a blast. The day was beautiful:  mostly sunny with some clouds, 85ยบ with a light breeze.  It was a great workout. Tomorrow our model arms are sure to be a tad sore.  We saw wildlife: six deer, family of geese and goslings, one angry heron, one groundhog, and a shirtless hunk fishing solo.

 This is definitely an adventure the models will brave again! Next time, we'll bring mimosas and cocktails umbrellas to enjoy.

Newsbreak:  We must have been spotted by the media on the water because the next thing we knew, these were being sold in the gift-shop!

While kayaking turned out to be a definite fave mode of transportation, you can always count on us to
Walk like Models.

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